Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Smoothly


Air conditioning units rarely get a break in South Florida but with summer around the corner, they will soon be running on overtime. Whether you have central A/C or a window unit, with so much use they get, it is important to regularly inspect and clean these units. Follow the simple tips below to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly all year long.

Inspect Outside of AC

If you have an air conditioning unit, check around the bottom and clear out any leaves, mud, or other rubble that may have piled up over time. Always turn off your unit before starting work.

If you have a window AC unit, carefully inspect the window seal and patch any gaps, cracks, and wear and tear. Make sure to unplug your window unit before starting any work.

Inspect and Clean Inside of AC

In your AC unit, you can flush out the condensate drain line by pouring 1 cup of bleach and then 1 gallon of water through it.

Clean evaporator and condenser coils thoroughly and inspect carefully for damage or wear and tear. If you have a window unit, the condenser coil can usually be found behind the compressor and the evaporator coil can be found behind the filter. Because they are fragile, vacuum the coils carefully in order to clean them.

Inspect the refrigerant pipes or tubes connected to the condenser to make sure all insulation foam is intact. Make any necessary repairs or replacements to the insulation.  Also check for appropriate refrigerant levels.

To prevent friction, lubricate any moving parts of your AC unit with some WD-40.

Replace the Air Filter

Finally, make sure to replace the air filter in your central air or window AC unit. If the filter for your unit is reusable then you simply have to wash it carefully and let it dry thoroughly before placing it back.

Because in South Florida we usually run our ACs constantly, it is recommended you clean or replace these filters once a month.

As always, for any job you are not comfortable doing or to get a more in-depth inspection of your AC, make sure to contact a licensed professional.

South Florida’s high summer temperatures and soon approaching. With these basic tips you can ensure your AC unit will function properly and effectively, keeping your home cool and your electricity costs low.


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