Tips Saving Home Renovations

A home renovation can not only help  you better enjoy your home but may also increase your home’s value. Still, renovations can be expensive and time consuming. Below we offer you some tips to help you save money on home renovations.

Do as much as you can yourself

If you need to tackle electrical wiring, plumbing, roofing, etc. you’re better off leaving that to the professionals. If your home renovation includes simple things like painting, replacing light fixtures or appliances, or redoing the landscaping you could save a lot of money doing the work yourself. Even for bigger projects that require a contractor to manage everything, you could volunteer to do the demolishing, removing floors, or moving furniture to reduce your overall costs.

Make sure to hire the right people

If someone’s pricing is too good to be true, that’s probably because it is. Don’t hire workers or buy materials based on price alone. Ask around for recommendations, check out the contractor’s references, or do a quick search. Make sure to get multiple bids on your project and ask to see previous work.

When possible avoid changing your home’s entire layout

Yes, open floor plans are in but if you have an older home with divided rooms this can turn out to be quite the long and costly project. If you hire the right contractor and designer they can work together to make your home appears bigger and more open without having to tear down a bunch of walls. Even if  you are tearing down just 1 wall, working with the right people can make a difference between having to reroute plumbing and electrical (aka more expenses) or working with the existing structure to better fit your budget.

Not all finishes have to be expensive

Shop around for the best prices as much as you can. Contractors, designers, and architects often have the “in” with places that sell remnants, do wholesale, or sell refurbished products. Antique and second hand stores can also be helpful for finding one of a kind gems that won’t break the bank. That $10,000 designer sofa you have your eye on? Try searching online for a knock off, or check re-sale websites for gently used items.

Make sure you have the appropriate insurance coverage

While most contractors carry insurance policies, this may not be enough to protect you and your assets if someone is injured. Your insurance agent can help you decide if you need additional coverage to protect you in the case of an accident during renovations.


During hectic times like home renovations there is nothing better than peace of mind knowing you are backed by the best homeowners insurance. Contact one of our insurance professionals today to take a closer look at your policy.