Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental insurance coverage is extremely important for Florida homeowners. The 2017 hurricane season is proving to be very active and dangerous. With an estimated $2 million in insurance claims in only a week due to hurricane Irma, this may also be the costliest hurricane season so far.

Many homeowners do not fully understand their insurance policies when it comes to specifics like coverage for hurricanes. Deductibles for damages caused by a hurricane for example, are different and usually much higher than “standard perils” deductibles. It is not uncommon for a homeowner to have to pay as much as 10% of the home’s value, as a deductible, before the insurance settles a claim. With the average home price in Broward county currently at $295,000, that out of pocket expense could be as high as $29,500!

So, what can Florida homeowners do to significantly reduce this and other hurricane-related out of pocket expenses? The best option is to purchase a supplemental insurance like Cat4Home. This supplemental insurance augments primary policies by providing:


  • Reimbursement up to 100% of homeowner’s policy deductible loss caused by a hurricane
  • Additional coverage for exposures typically restricted or excluded in homeowners’ policies
  • Mandatory Evacuations expense coverage and Generator Rental Expense


Whether your home sustained damages from Hurricane Irma or not, take it as a lesson learned. Do not wait for “next time”. Contact a Preferred Link agent today to find out more about Cat4Home Hurricane Protection.