Simple Changes that can Help Increase Fuel Efficiency and Save You Money


Hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and affordable today but that’s not the only way you can contribute to a greener world. In this post we share some simple changes that can help increase fuel efficiency.

Changing certain driving habits can not only help keep you safe but also increase your car’s fuel efficiency. Aggressive driving for example, like short stopping, revving your engine and fast acceleration can significantly decrease your gas mileage. Instead, make sure you are slowing down well before you need to fully stop like at a stop sign or red light. Don’t accelerate too quickly but rather slowly and steadily increase the speed.

The speed you drive at also impacts your car’s fuel efficiency. Speeds over 50-60 mph tend to really take a toll on fuel economy. Try to maintain a steady speed of about 55 mph when the speed limit allows. Believe it or not, driving 40 mph on the road is much better for fuel efficiency than driving 65 or over on the highway. The easiest way to ensure you keep at a steady speed is to use your car’s cruise control when feasible.

Another important tip is to use the right type of motor oil for your car. Your car’s owner manual should list which type of oil is recommended. You should also consider using “energy conserving” oil which has additives that reduce friction and help improve fuel economy.

Checking the pressure in your tires is also important for fuel efficiency as well as safety. Many times, whether conditions like sudden changes in temperature can affect the tires’ pressure. Don’t go by what is printed on the actual tire though. Your car’s owner manual will tell you the correct PSI for your car. Don’t go above the recommended measurement and remember the front and back tires may have different recommended pressure levels.

Lastly, keep your car and specially your trunk, clear of major clutter and heavy items. Driving around with tools or heavy equipment on a regular basis will also decrease your fuel efficiency. Roof racks aren’t any better either, they are actually worse as they not only add weight but also reduces the car’s aerodynamics. When you are done utilizing the equipment, luggage, or whatever else it is you have stored in or on your car, make sure to remove it.

Making small and simple changes like these to your driving habits and to your vehicle can help you increase your car’s fuel efficiency while also helping to contribute to a greener world.


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