Hurricanes are the world’s most dangerous storms. They can wipe out entire cities and level miles of land in a short amount of time. When they hit land, they destroy practically everything in their path. As a Florida resident, it’s incredibly important to have a safety and recovery plan in place before a hurricane strikes. Read on to learn more about hurricane seasons, preparation, and ways you can protect your home against damage.


Florida has had more hurricane strikes than any other state in the nation. Since meteorologists started tracking hurricane patterns, they’ve recorded over 114 on Florida’s coasts. Florida has three of the top five cities for hurricane risk (Miami, Key West, and Tampa). The Sunshine State doesn’t always live up to its name between June and November when the majority of hurricanes begin to form.


Official hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30. They form in the Atlantic Ocean over warm waters when low pressure winds start to rise. Eventually these winds pick up speed and create a tropical storm with significant power. Eventually, the storm will start heading towards a landmass, gaining speed as it travels across the ocean.


When a tropical storm reaches 74 mph or more, it becomes a hurricane. If is moves towards land, the area where it strikes is in grave danger. A hurricane strike can cause major damages to entire cities and rural areas. If you live in an area that may face a hurricane the first thing you need to do is create a hurricane preparedness plan.


You need to prepare for multiple days without electricity, water, and access to major roads. A hurricane emergency “kit” has food, water bottles, a generator, basic cooking and sanitation supplies, and a first aid kit. You will also want to have an evacuation plan in case of emergencies. Local authorities will alert you if you will need to evacuate a few days before the hurricane hits. Once an evacuation warning is issued, don’t wait to leave the area.


Lastly, you need hurricane insurance! Not all home insurance policies cover damages done by a storm and you could be at risk of losing everything if a hurricane strikes. Preferred Link offers Cat4Home insurance, which covers 100% of your homeowners insurance deductible, plus up to $5,000 for additional damages not covered under your policy.


This comprehensive coverage for hurricane disasters can save you and your family major expenses at a time when all you want to return home and be relieved of stress. Talk to an Preferred Link agent to learn more about our Cat4Home insurance today.