2005 was the last major hurricane season in Florida and generated $1.6 billion in deductibles and a whopping $22 billion in property loss. This last year, while we were only hit with two hurricanes, that was enough to cause $6 billion in losses.

Even minor hurricanes can cause powerful storm surge, heavy rains, flooding, strong winds, and even tornadoes, which can result in costly expenses for homeowners. Most insurance policies include a 2% – 10% deductible, which is based on your home’s insured value. Depending on the value of your home, you could be facing extremely high out-of-pocket expenses before the carrier pays.

Preferred Link’s solution for avoiding these large expenses? An innovative, new insurance solution which offers coverage for your hurricane deductible and additional expenses.

Cat4Home supplemental coverage provides:

  • Reimbursement of up to 100% of homeowner’s policy deductible loss caused by a hurricane
  • Additional coverage for select exposures typically limited, restricted, and / or excluded in homeowner’s policies including:
    • Carports and screened enclosures
    • Fences and awnings
    • In-ground trees, shrubs, and plants
    • Debris removal
  • Mandatory Evacuation Expense coverage
  • Generator Rental Expense coverage
  • Timely, efficient payment of claims to provide immediate funds to recover and restore


The last thing anyone wants to think about after a hurricane disaster is high out-of-pocket expenses. Contact a Preferred Link agent today to discuss how Cat4Home can provide you peace of mind.