Home Travel Safety

The last thing you need after coming back from a relaxing vacation is to find your home burglarized. Taking these preventative steps will save you from trouble and ensure your home is safe while traveling.

Prepare your home

Closing your curtains and blinds may seem like a good idea but this is usually a good indication to others that no one is home. It also doesn’t allow those checking in to view the inside of your home. Instead, leave some curtains or blinds open and others closed.

Same goes for the lights. Instead of leaving them all on invest in a timer and set them so different areas of your home are lit are different times.

Unplug electronics like your televisions and computers in case of a power surge. Leave only your refrigerator and freezer on.

Before leaving your home store any valuables away from plain sight and in a safe if you have one. Make sure to double check that all windows and doors are fully closed and locked, including pet doors.

It’s also a good idea to disable your garage door. You’d be surprised how easy it is for burglars to figure out the code and gain access.

Ask for Help

A house sitter is great – someone who could stay in your home while you’re gone, take care of all the little things and make sure your home is safe. But if you can’t find someone (or don’t want to) asking a friend, family member or neighbor to pass by and keep an eye on things is a great idea. If you trust this person, you can give them a spare key so they can bring in your mail, feed your pets, water your plants, etc.

If your neighborhood participates in a watch program, let them know you will be away so they can keep an extra close eye on your home.

Don’t Post on Social Media

Resist the urge to post on social media while you’re on vacation. Crooks are always vigilant and a simple “check-in” from the airport can be a green light. Even if your settings are set to private, you never know who may be lurking. Instead, wait until you return from your vacation to share pictures and videos with your friends and family.

Helpful gadgets

An alarm system that connects directly to emergency services is a great investment for your home even if you never go on vacation. If you have one, make sure to alert the company that you will be away. If someone will be checking in on your home make sure they have the code and that the alarm company is aware.

As mentioned before, a timer for your lights is also a great and relatively inexpensive investment. This allows you give the appearance someone if home, thwarting burglars.

For the exterior of your home consider installing motion sensing lights or a doorbell camera which can help deter intruders.


Having the right homeowner’s insurance coverage will save you a great deal of stress should the unimaginable happen. Contact a Preferred Link agent today to go over your current policy and make sure you’re getting the protection you need.