Hurricane Shutters Impact Windows Which is Best Option for Home


Living in Florida, we all know the importance of protecting our homes from hurricanes. Knowing exactly how to best protect them know can be confusing. So, between impact windows and hurricane shutters, which is the best option for your home?

Impact Windows

The greatest benefit of impact window is you never have to worry about installing or removing a thing come hurricane season. If you worry about a hurricane making landfall while you’re traveling or dread the putting up and taking down of shutters every season, impact windows are a perfect choice.

Because impact windows are made to resist well, “impact,” they are also great for keeping intruders from breaking your windows and entering your home. Impact windows are also energy efficient, potentially decreasing your electric bill in Florida’s hot summers. Not to mention there is no need to store additional equipment and they are aesthetically pleasing as they look just like regular windows.

The downside? Impact windows can get quite expensive, though they could help increase your home’s values and decrease your homeowners insurance premium.

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are very affordable compared to impact windows. They are also much more affordable to replace should one ever get damaged. Nowadays hurricane shutters come in an array of designs ranging from the traditional panel shutters to accordion shutters, automatic roll down shutters, awning shutters, and Bahama shutters. Having shutters retrofitted for your home may also positively affect its resell value and potentially decrease your homeowners insurance premium.

The downside? Hurricane shutters can be tedious work, take up space to store, and once they are up your home will be void of all natural light.

Whether you choose impact windows or more traditional hurricane shutters, the important thing is to protect your home. Though popular, plywood may not always protect your home adequately specially if not installed properly.

The best way to protect your home is with the right insurance policy. At Preferred Link, we offer Cat4Home, an insurance product that can eliminate your hurricane deductible and cover many of your additional out-of-pocket costs.

Contact a Preferred Link agent to discuss how Cat4Home can save you money come hurricane season.