With rising sea levels, more intense weather, and population growth in the coast, the risk of severe flooding is increasing, especially in Florida. Floods are actually one of the most expensive and unfortunately most common natural disasters.

While hurricane season increases the chances of weather-related flooding in Florida, this disaster can strike at any time. What many homeowners often times don’t consider is flooding caused by faulty pipes, broken fixtures, and backed-up sewage lines.

So how can you protect your home and your wallet from a flood?

  • Invest in a sewer line inspection and cleaning, which can prevent costly backups and flooding.
  • Inspect your home’s foundation and low-level windows for cracks and seal as needed
  • Regularly check and clear debris from your gutters and downspout extensions
  • Turn off electricity to any part of your home that may be at risk during flooding
  • Secure important documents, valuables and prized possessions in waterproof box or keep them elevated
  • Review your homeowner’s insurance to make sure it includes flood protection

For homeowners, especially those who do not have flood insurance, the costs incurred by a flood can be very high. One common and costly misconception is that standard homeowner’s insurance includes flood damage protection when in fact, most insurance companies require a separate flood insurance policy. A standard flood policy will cover the minimum value and you can purchase additional coverage to cover the full value of your home and your belongings and even living expenses if you need to leave your home.

If you’re not sure whether you and your home would be protected in the event of a flood, contact a Preferred Link agent today.