It’s exciting to give your son or daughter the keys to your car for the first time. After many trials during their permit phase, they’ve finally earned their license and are ready to become more independent. As a parent you’ll worry about whether they’re buckled up or if they’re being safe behind the wheel. But you taught them well, and chances are they are just as nervous as you.

But parents should be worried more about their teen drivers’ auto insurance. In case something ever does go wrong, you want your teen to have the best protection without your rates skyrocketing overnight.  How do you find affordable auto insurance for teen drivers? Depending on your state, your child’s report card, and your current policy, you may be able to save more than you think.

Smart parents shop for multiple insurance quotes and plans before adding their teenagers to their policy. You may find that some companies offers better discounts, or that your child qualifies for a better rate by looking for these cost-savings:

Driver training programs. Some states have driver safety programs that teens can take after they receive their licenses. These are different than their permit tests, and can be done online or at a driving school. Ask your teen about taking these courses, and you can potentially reduce your premiums by over $100 a year.

Choosing the right vehicle. If you plan to buy your son or daughter their own vehicle, make sure you choose a car that is reliable and has a high safety rating. The likelihood of your child getting in an accident is significantly higher between the ages of sixteen and nineteen. Wait a few years before buying them their dream ride, and choose something with safety features for better rates.

Good student discounts. Does your teen have above average grades in school? If they have an “A” or “B” average (or above a 3.0 in some states), most teenagers can qualify for good student discounts. This is as added incentive to watch your child’s grades in high school, to make sure you’re utilizing the benefits to your auto insurance plan.

Think before you buy comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage makes sense to have if your teen will be driving your car. But if you bought an older or used car for them to drive, then you may not need comprehensive coverage. Because of the likelihood of teen driver accidents, it may seem like a good idea. But if your premiums will cost more than the worth of the car after one year, then you may want to opt out of additional coverages.

Increase your deductible. Perhaps your teen doesn’t drive often (maybe only to school, or in the neighborhood), and you don’t anticipate them getting in a serious accident. While risky, if you need to lower your monthly rates you can increase your deductible, but only if you are sure your family can afford it in the case of a serious accident. Remember, it’s not just your teen that you need to worry about on the road. Other students will be driving to and from the same places your child goes, so it’s always best to have protection against the unlikely.

Family plans. Adding your teen onto your existing policy under a family plan can significantly reduce your rate with Preferred Link. You won’t have to pay as much every month, and you can include comprehensive coverage on the vehicle your teen drives at a lower rate. You may be surprised how much you can save in comparison to other insurance companies with our personal auto insurance plans for families.

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