Shopping for car insurance can sometimes feel like a never-ending chore. You have endless options, and no easy or fast way to compare prices among competitors. Switching providers year after year is never fun, and oftentimes people settle for the first insurance company who sent them a quote. But this is a highly ineffective way to find a fair auto insurance price. Finding the right provider and the right price is easy if you know how to shop for one.

If you’re in the market for auto insurance, whether you’re a first-time car owner or are looking to find a better rate, use these tips the next time you start hunting for quotes:

Look for Local Providers

Most people are only exposed to four or five auto insurance companies prior to shopping, whether it’s through TV commercials or online advertising. But this limits shoppers’ mindset when they start looking for quotes. You may be surprised how many local,independent providers offer comparable, even cheaper rates than the nationally-recognized brands. Plus, local companies oftentimes have better customer service reviews than the national providers.

Save Money with a Family Plan

If you have a spouse, children, or any other family member who owns or uses a family vehicle, you can cover them under a family policy. These policies can sometimes allow you to receive a lower overall rate than having all family members being on separate plans. Teenagers especially should be covered under a family plan because teenage drivers are some of the most expensive drivers to insure.

Improve Your Credit and Driving Record

A good credit score can sometimes lower your monthly payment, as can having a clean driving record. Accidents happen, but the fewer wrecks and traffic violations you have, the better a rate your insurance company can provide you. Improve your credit score by checking for inaccuracies in your credit reports and maintaining a strong credit history.


The more informed of a customer you become, the easier it will be for you to bargain-shop for the right policies. Plus, you will be able to ask the insurance providers the right questions to better understand what their company can offer you.