What happens car accident uninsured driver

According to a study posted by the Insurance Information Institute, 26.7% of Florida’s drivers are uninsured. That’s the highest of any state!

Florida law requires that all vehicles have auto insurance coverage, but there are many drivers that choose not to have coverage. So what happens if you get into an accident with an uninsured driver?

You are responsible for paying any damages to your car, your passengers, and any property involved!

You can try to recover damages from the uninsured driver at fault but, the reality is that they are probably uninsured due to lack of income or assets they are concerned about. They may even have had their license suspended due to multiple tickets, DUI, or some other infraction. The best solution is to always add uninsured / under insured driver coverage to your auto insurance policy.

Having uninsured/under insured motorist coverage will protect you and your assets in the case of an accident. More importantly, should a passenger be injured in your car, you will have the coverage needed to pay medical expenses for someone you care about.

With the highest percentage of uninsured drivers in all states, Florida drivers absolutely need uninsured / under-insured coverage. Don’t be left with huge bills you can’t afford or a car in less than perfect condition. Contact a Preferred Link agent today to add uninsured motorists coverage to your auto insurance policy.