Flood Insurance 101

October 15, 2017By Preferred Link

  A common misconception is that unless you live in a designated flood zone you don’t need or can’t get flood insurance. This is...

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Tips for Hiring a Contractor

October 8, 2017By Preferred Link

Whether you are taking on hurricane related repairs or remodeling your entire home, hiring a good contractor is important. Always keep in...

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Why Supplemental Insurance is a Smart Choice for Florida Homeowners

October 1, 2017By Preferred Link

Supplemental insurance coverage is extremely important for Florida homeowners. The 2017 hurricane season is proving to be very active and...

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Could Your Business Survive a Hurricane?

September 21, 2017By Preferred Link

As Floridians, we know the dangers of hurricanes and their potential impact all too well. We have become accustomed to making the necessary...

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Preparing Your Boat for a Hurricane

September 14, 2017By Preferred Link

When thinking of hurricane planning and preparations most of us know to include our families, homes, businesses and cars but many forget the...

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Generator Safety

September 7, 2017By Preferred Link

With hurricane season and the increasing threat of heavy rains and flooding comes the potential for frequent and long-lasting power outages...

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Lessons from Hurricane Harvey

September 4, 2017By Preferred Link

A little over a week ago, on August 26th, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas as a Category 4 storm. While the hurricane decreased in intensity...

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Avoiding Distractions While Driving

August 21, 2017By Preferred Link

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 49,231 crashes in 2016 due to distracted driving. Most...

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How to Save on Homeowners Insurance

August 14, 2017By Preferred Link

Your home is possibly your most valuable asset and you should protect it as such. Still, no one should be over paying for insurance. Here...

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Tips for First Time Home Buyers

August 7, 2017By Preferred Link

Buying a home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make. Needless to say, it is an exciting time but can also become very stressful...

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Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe

August 1, 2017By Preferred Link

  Most teens dream of the day they get their license and can drive by themselves. For many parents, this stage in life is quite stressful....

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Tips to Prepare for College Move-In Day

July 24, 2017By Preferred Link

The new school year is quickly approaching, which means a whole new drove of students is preparing for their first year of college. Typically,...

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What Should I Do After a Flood?

July 17, 2017By Preferred Link

We are no strangers to floods in South Florida, but often times these conditions can catch us off guard. Floods can pose several dangers and...

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Basic Home Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

July 10, 2017By Preferred Link

Unlike pretty much anything else you may buy, your home does not come with an instruction manual, as helpful as that would be. Some basic...

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What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

July 3, 2017By Preferred Link

If you have never been in a car accident, consider yourself lucky! Every accident is different but one thing is for sure – no matter...

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What to do After a Hurricane

June 22, 2017By Preferred Link

Just as important as it is to know how to prepare for and stay safe during a hurricane, it is also important to know what to do once a hurricane...

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How to Protect Your Home from Floods

June 15, 2017By Preferred Link

With rising sea levels, more intense weather, and population growth in the coast, the risk of severe flooding is increasing, especially in...

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Peace of Mind with Hurricane Protection

June 8, 2017By Preferred Link

2005 was the last major hurricane season in Florida and generated $1.6 billion in deductibles and a whopping $22 billion in property loss....

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Making a Hurricane Plan with Your Family

June 1, 2017By Preferred Link

June 1st marks the start of the Atlantic hurricane season. While forecasters are predicting less activity this year, this doesn’t mean we...

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How to Prepare for a Hurricane

May 22, 2017By Preferred Link

Hurricanes are a genuine fear for anyone who lives in a coastal region. Though they don’t strike every year, Florida residents understand...

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Protect Your Home from Florida’s Hurricane Season

May 15, 2017By Preferred Link

Hurricanes are the world’s most dangerous storms. They can wipe out entire cities and level miles of land in a short amount of time. When...

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Flood Insurance for First-Time Homeowners

May 2, 2017By admin

Natural disasters are a risk from which every homeowner must protect themselves. If you live on the coast, you’re probably well-aware of...

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How to Find the Lowest Auto Insurance Rate?

April 27, 2017By admin

Shopping for car insurance can sometimes feel like a never-ending chore. You have endless options, and no easy or fast way to compare prices...

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Does Insurance Cover Me if My Car is Stolen?

April 25, 2017By admin

Car theft is one of the worst experiences you can have. By no fault of your own, you are stuck in place with no way to fix the situation. Most...

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How to Get Affordable Teen Driver Insurance

April 13, 2017By admin

It’s exciting to give your son or daughter the keys to your car for the first time. After many trials during their permit phase, they’ve...

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What Determines My Auto Insurance Rates?

February 21, 2017By admin

Have you ever wondered what factors are considered to determine your auto insurance rates? There are several factors the underwriters consider....

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Uninsured Motorists: A 1 in 7 Chance

By admin

Uninsured motorists are more common than you might think. Although auto insurance is required in all states, there are many drivers who choose...

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