7 Tips to Properly Stage Your Home for Sale

Sellers are usually looking to sell their homes quickly and for the highest amount possible. Buyers want to know they are getting a great deal on a home that meets their needs and fits their personalities. The best way to achieve both? Staging! Below we offer 7 tips to properly prepare your home for sale.


  1. Add Curb Appeal

The first things buyers will see is of course the outside of your home. The easiest way to add some major curb appeal is to make sure all areas are clean; lawn, bushes and trees should be properly trimmed; and driveway, porches, and sidewalks should be free of clutter. Have your driveway and sidewalks pressured washed, as well as any exterior walls and windows. Plant flowers, hang visible house numbers, and refresh the paint of your balcony or porch of needed.


  1. Clean and Declutter

While you don’t want to leave your home completely empty, it is always a good idea to declutter and depersonalize. If possible, remove as much furniture and personal items from your home leaving only large furniture, accent pieces and decor items.


Deep clean your home from top to bottom. This includes blinds, baseboards, lighting fixtures, fans, etc. Buyers will most likely inspect the home very meticulously and dirt and grime is a major turn off. Plus, a clean home ensures potential buyers the home has been well kept and taken care of.


  1. Place Furniture Strategically

Furniture should be the appropriate size for each room, not too big, not too small. Instead of your regular furniture arrangement consider placing furniture in more inviting ways like positioning love seats and couches to face each other instead of the television. The point here is to create warm and homey spaces where potential buyers want to sit and relax, have a conversation, and invite others.


Another great way to achieve and inviting home is by setting the table with sophisticated and neutral linens and dinner ware and adding some fresh flowers.



  1. Paint Walls a Neutral Color

Sure, bright yellow worked for you and your family for decades but it won’t work for everyone. A relatively quick and inexpensive way to make a home feel new is with a fresh coat of paint. You can never go wrong with neutral colors like whites and off whites, grays, beiges.


Take it one step further and open all blinds and curtains. Make sure all windows are unobstructed so that there is plenty of natural light entering the home.


  1. Make Bedroom Inviting and Gender Neutral

Just like the rest of the home, the bedrooms should also be painted in neutral colors. Bed linens and décor should also follow the same color palette and should be gender neutral as well. Depersonalize in the bedrooms as well, removing toys and kick knacks from kids’ rooms and photographs or other personal items from the master bedroom. Leave only the beds, nightstands, reading lamps, and sophisticated décor items.


Bathrooms should also be kept clean and inviting with fresh towels and curtains, rugs and accessories in neutral colors. Here too remove any personal items like toys, toothbrushes, grooming items and cosmetics.


  1. Consider Replacing Appliances

Kitchens sell homes and unless you have the money to invest in a big remodel, one simple and relatively affordable way to update your kitchen is with new appliances. Buyers still go crazy for stainless steel appliances, specially the newer smudge proof ones. You don’t have to replace every single item, but do consider replacing the stove and refrigerator at least. You will definitely get a return on your investment!


  1. Don’t Forget Outdoor Areas

Just like the front of your home, pay close attention to the back of your home – your yard. Remove any personal items like toys, and declutter. Make spaces inviting by adding sitting areas and eating spaces and highlight nature’s beauty with flowers and fresh greenery. Outdoor living is big in Florida but the heat can be intolerable. Consider adding outdoor fans, awnings, or pergolas if possible.



Whatever steps you take in preparing your home for sale, the most important one is to hire a professional and reputable Real Estate Agent that can help you in the process.


Equally important is you stay in touch with your homeowner’s insurance company and notify them of the potential sale of your home and purchase of a new home. If you need help in this process or are considering purchasing new homeowners insurance, Preferred Link is here for you. Contact one of our agents today!