7 Most Common Car Insurance Claims and How to Avoid Them


No matter how careful we are, sometimes accidents just happen (especially in South Florida). Auto insurance is an integral part in protecting yourself, your loved ones and your assets in the event of accident. But claims can also have an impact on your auto insurance premiums. So how can you avoid filing a claim? Here we list 7 of the most common auto insurance claims and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Accident at an intersection

Many intersections can be confusing and very busy. Don’t ever assume others will obey traffic lights or stop sings. Before continuing unto an intersection, take just a couple of seconds to look left and right, just in case there is an approaching vehicle. Doing this especially if the light has just turned green for you can save you from a potentially disastrous situation.

2. Single car accident

Driving while sleepy, drunk, or on drugs are the most common causes for single car accidents. Many new cars now have  technology like lane departure systems or automatic emergency braking to assist drivers who may be distracted. However, these should not be relied on. The best thing to do? NEVER drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, even if it was “just one drink.” Same applies for driving while tired.

3. Rear end accident

Rear end accidents are among the most common and one of the most easily avoided. The top tip to avoid rear-ending someone? Don’t follow too closely. Allow plenty of room between you and the car in front you in case anyone needs to hit the breaks suddenly. Second best way to avoid this type of accident is by putting down you phone and avoiding distractions. Glancing away for just a second can make the difference between staying safe and being in a crash. Thanks to newer cars now having automatic emergency braking assist, these type of accidents will probably be fewer but again, never rely on technology alone while on the road.

4. Parked car damage

Unfortunately, you can’t always avoid having you parked car damaged. Obviously the best place to keep you car to avoid this type of damage is in your garage. But if you don’t have a garage or like everyone else, need to go out often, there are still some things you can do to protect your car. When possible, try not to park too close to other vehicles and always avoid parking spaces labeled for compact cars. Parking spaces close to driveways, turns, or corners should also be avoided.

5. Theft and break-in

Probably one of the most frustrating car insurance claims, thefts and break-ins can also be avoided by taking some precautions. Always try to park in well lit areas, remember to lock your car even if you’re stepping away for just a few minutes, and more importantly never leave valuables or anything that may seem valuable in plain view. If your car doesn’t already have one, consider investing in an alarm system to thwart thieves.

6. Backup accident

A backup accident is completely avoidable especially now with most cars having backup cameras. If your vehicle doesn’t already have one installed, you can purchase one for anywhere between $60-$300 and it’s a relatively easy install as well. In the meantime, make sure to always look behind your car before you even get in, use your rearview mirror and both side mirrors as you’re backing out of a space, and always back out slowly.

7. Damage to Windshield

This is another type of damage that unfortunately can’t always be avoided but the most important step you can take is to not follow vehicles in front of you too closely. This is specially true when driving on a gravel road, in areas where there might be snow or ice (luckily something we don’t have to worry about in South Florida), or when you’re behind a large truck carrying debris or aggregate.

While not all auto insurance claims can be avoided taking these precautions can help decrease your chances of having to file one. The #1 tip when filing an auto insurance claim is to make sure you  are backed by the best car insurance company there is. Contact one of our Preferred Link agents today to ensure you have the right insurance company on your side!