tips protecting car winter weather traveling


Luckily, we don’t have to worry much about winter weather in South Florida. During the holidays though many choose to trade our sandy beaches for cold weather and snow. If that’s you, we offer you 6 tips to protect your car from winter weather when traveling.

  1. Check your tires

Tires should be checked before any road trip, but specially during the winter months. Snow, rain and black ice make roads extra slippery. Check the air pressure in your tires before heading out and inspect carefully for uneven or thin tread or any other damages.

  1. Wax your car

Snow and salt can damage the paint on your car, leaving it prone to rust. Using wax made for winter weather will make add some much-needed protection. Pay close attention to the areas more vulnerable to snow and salt like tires, side panels, grill and back bumper.

  1. Check all fluids

This also should be done before embarking on any road trip, but during cold weather it is especially important. Check the oil level to prevent damage, add antifreeze and never let the gas tank fall below half. Doing so can cause the gas line to freeze. It’s also important to replace your regular windshield wiper fluid with one made for winter weather since regular wiper fluid can freeze.

  1. Be careful with ice scrapers

Removing ice and snow from your car will not only help with visibility but will also help protect your car’s paint. Use ice scrapers only on glass to avoid scratches. For the body of your car you can use a soft brush or foam head product to remove snow.

  1. Wash your car thoroughly

Once you have left your wintry destination it is important to remove all snow and salt from your car and wash it thoroughly to prevent damage. The best way to do so is by dusting off any visible salt or snow, then rinsing your car carefully before washing it. Don’t neglect the undercarriage, where salt, ice and dirt can accumulate and lead to damage.

  1. Consider using a car cover

If you’re really overprotective about your car or plan to be up north for a while, consider using a car cover to protect it from the elements when parked. This will also prevent you from having to struggle with removing ice and snow from your car. The good news is car covers can also be used here in South Florid to protect your prized possession from the sun and salt.


*Important tip: Letting your car warm up while removing ice and snow will protect your engine and will also help melt away some of the ice and snow. Before doing this though always check to make sure your exhaust is clear. Not doing so can plug up the system and cause carbon monoxide to flow into the car, making for a very dangerous situation.


Another tip for protecting your car when traveling this holiday season? Make sure you have the best auto insurance policy available. Contact a Preferred Link agent today to get started.