5 plants improve indoor air quality

Pollution is not limited to outdoor air. Our homes can be filled with toxic chemicals from the things we fill it with like formaldehyde from furniture, benzene from paint, or VOCs from cleaning products. Since most of us spend most of our times indoors at home, paying attention to the air quality is important. Here are 5 plants that help improve indoor air quality.

Snake Plant

5 plants improve indoor air quality

A sturdy plant with long, upright leaves, the Snake Plant is one of the most resilient plants out there. This plant can withstand prolonged periods without water, very low light, and doesn’t require much fertilizer. Even better, they are one of the most efficient plants at filtering out formaldehyde and take in carbon dioxide and let out oxygen at night, making them perfect for the bedroom.

Golden Pothos

5 plants improve indoor air quality

A vine with pointed heart-shaped leaves, the Golden Pothos is another easy plant to take care of. They are also great air purifiers, replace carbon dioxide with oxygen and increase humidity. The plant should be kept away from children and pets and they can be toxic when ingested.

Boston Fern

5 plants help improve indoor air quality

Ferns are probably one of the most common indoor house plants. The Boston Fern, though not as resilient as the latter two on our list, is still relatively easy to take care of and better yet, it is notable for removing formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and for humidifying the air. Boston Ferns need indirect light, high humidity and cool temperatures. They do need to be watered regularly but do not require much fertilizer.

Peace Lily

5 plants help improve indoor air quality

The Peace Lily is not only beautiful to look at but it is great at removing formaldehyde, benzene, and VOCs. They are also relatively easy to take care of as they do not need frequent watering or fertilizing and do well in both low and moderate light. Like the Golden Pothos, Peace Lilies can be toxic when ingesting.


5 plants help improve indoor air quality

While this plant is not the easiest to take care of, it is very efficient at cleaning indoor air and is quite beautiful, brightening up any space. Chrysanthemum or “pot mums” need bright light, frequent watering, and prefer cooler temperatures.

Health and wellness begins at home and one of the easiest way to improve our health is by improving our indoor air quality.


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